Coordinating A Shiva

How It Works

Coordinating a shiva is a mitzvah and SHIVAFriend helps simplify your role.

Creating an account allows you to share funeral/shiva information via email, and provides your community with an easy and secure way to contribute funds as well as a forum to express condolences. SHIVAFriend eliminates the uncomfortable task of collecting funds to cover your "out of pocket" shiva expenses

Step 1

  • Register for a FREE shiva coordinator account

Register for a shiva by entering your information as the “coordinator” including the address where shivafriend will mail your check for collected contributions.

Step 2

  • Share with family & friends

ShivaFriend provides a template for you to post funeral and shiva details.

Simply enter email addresses for friends, co-workers and family. ShivaFriend will send an email with a link to a personal shiva page that consists of funeral and shiva details along with the option to contribute towards shiva expenses. The email encourages recipients to forward the email to others who might want the information.

Our built-in Facebook connection allows you to access your social media platform to share the link as well.

Step 3

  • Easily Accept Contributions

Many people will want to join you in this mitzvah. Choose a suggested contribution amount and let ShivaFriend’s secure credit card payment system collect funds and manage the bookkeeping.

*People can donate any amount they wish without being obligated to contribute the suggested amount.

Step 4

  • Focus on the Family

While the coordinator does the work of ordering the food and setting up the shiva, ShivaFriend manages the task of collecting the funds. The coordinator will receive a check for all collected contributions within ten business days of the closing of the established contribution period.

Contributing To A Shiva

How It Works

Step 1

Use the link provided in the email generated by ShivaFriend to go directly to the personal shiva detail page or go directly to ShivaFriend’s home page and search for the name of the deceased by entering it in the search box.

Step 2

Click on "donate now" to make a secure online credit card contribution.

Step 3

Have the option of sending a personal condolence note to the family of the deceased. provides a secure, private and respectful place where information is shared, contributions are collected, and condolences are expressed.


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