Why Use Shiva Friend?

If you've coordinated a shiva before, you know that ordering food and shopping for shiva necessities is the easy part. Although honored to assume the role as "Shiva Friend" collecting money from friends and strangers to cover your expenses is where things get complicated.

  • Let friends and family know who is collecting shiva funds.
  • Keep track of who contributes money and encourage others to give in a timely manner.
  • Alleviate the awkward interactions of collecting cash and checks during the funeral and shiva.

With ShivaFriend.com all of those difficult aspects of being a shiva coordinator are taken care of for you. ShivaFriend.com makes it easy to pass on funeral and shiva information to friends and family. Once you have created an account, anyone can contribute funds through ShivaFriend.com's secure online contribution page.

Participants will also have the option of sending a personal condolence note to the family. You decide how long you would like the contribution page to stay open and ShivaFriend.com will do the bookkeeping for you. After donations are made family members will have access to a complete list of everyone who contributed along with their home and email addresses.

Shortly after the contributors page closes the contributions will be totaled and you will receive one check from ShivaFriend.com

Please, enter username and password.

Registration with ShivaFriend.com is free, and brings convenience and organization to your vital role in an easy-to-use website accessible anywhere you are.

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