Welcome to ShivaFriend.com

Grieving for a loved one, or lending love and support to someone who is grieving, is one of life's most difficult passages.

The role of supporting the bereaved entails both emotional and financial support. ShivaFriend.com takes on the burden of collecting contributions for shiva so you can help the family focus on getting through the very difficult first days of mourning.

ShivaFriend.com is a technology platform that brings loving care to the shiva planning process, including:

  • Share funeral and shiva information on a personalized web page dedicated to a loved one
  • Organize shiva expenses
  • Online condolence notes
  • Online shiva contributions

Registration with ShivaFriend.com is free, and brings convenience and organization to your vital role in an easy-to-use website accessible anywhere you are.

ShivaFriend.com Principals

Carol Barron and Michelle Serck are Jewish women from Chicago who discovered the need to assist grieving families with the daunting task of coordinating a shiva and collecting the necessary funds to pay for it.

By blending tradition with technology, ShivaFriend.com is a place for the community to come together to support friends and family when they need it most.

What is Shiva